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Höganäs AB


HemoCue AB

"Albumin 201"


"Single dwelling"


Höganäs AB


Kockums Industrier

"Megaswing Duo"

Höganäs AB


Elos Medtech


Elos Accurate Open Digital Solutions

Animage LLC, San Francisco, CA


"Making a CT study using Fidex-FS".


Educational animation for our namesake Animage in San Francisco, specialists on computer tomography for animals.

Höganäs AB


Animation for Höganäs AB's products

in the marine industry.

HemoCue AB


Within the product presentation for the "HemoCue Albumin 201" we made a number of interactive animations where the instrument was operated virtually.


This is how the instrument is cleaned.

Tilo Partners


The advertising agency Tilo Partners in Malmö have years of cooperation with Lindab. When the agency had animations on their minds, Animage was contacted.


This shows a ventilation system built with Lindab products.



In the development phase of the antibiotic lotion "Dermagen" (a part of Pergamum) the customer needed a simple explanation of the active substance.

Höganäs AB


The anatomy of an electric motor.

Kockums Industrier AB


For over a century, Kockums Industrier AB has developed products for the railways.


Here's some cuts from the 5 minute animated product presentation.

Höganäs AB


Electromagnetic Applications

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