Animage was founded in Gothenburg in 1988.


We  offer visualizations and presentations of products, services and

companies through 3D illustrations, animations, video and interactive media.


Throughout the years we have had a large range of customers.

Big and small. Domestic and international.

Regular customers and those who return on decennial basis(!).


Pharmaceuticals, medtech, FMCG and logistics are areas in which

we developed a certain knowledge.


Below are some of our customers. Present and those who might

return in a couple of years:







Said about us:


"Great job. It is a very interesting and innovative sales guide and

due compliments must go to the people involved in coming up

with this excellent format."

/Mohan Anasalam, HemoCue AB


"Congratulations for your excellent work!"

/Simone Hutter, World Luxury Award Committee, Monaco


"Love your stuff!"

/Meg Blogg, Mentice AB


"Thomas. I am so deeply grateful Thank you.

These are really helpful to educate. Sincerely. Thank you."

/Denise Starbird, Oasis Medical, USA


"This video on 'How to operate HbA1c 501' is GOOD! I love it!"

/Hisato Oka, Radiometer, Japan


"The client was very pleased with the training material.

I especially like the videos. This is the best produced video

that I have seen from any POC manufacturer to date."

/HemoCue AB








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